Websites and digital design

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Websites and digital design

Do I need a website? The answer to that is unanimously and whole-heartedly: yes. It is the online representation of your brand, and to many clients the first acquaintance with your company, also when you do not sell online. Moreover, it enables you to define your story, without the interference of algorithms you have no control over. (No, mere presence on social media is not enough.) A website is sometimes seen as the online counterpart of a business card. Both radiate reliability, and, after all, that’s where it all begins.

How it’s made: Barbaric websites

In a kick-off meeting we look at your brand’s broader story and what is the best way to reach your target audience. We decide on the right flow that visitors have to follow by means of structured wireframes. That flow requires to be complemented with a smooth user experience. A good experience on the website is the beginning of a good overall experience, and therefore of major importance. Next, we set to work with the content, page by page. We write your texts, SEO-proof of course, and, if required, we provide quality images.
In the design phase it all comes together: branding, text and photography.

And how. When it comes to the aesthetics of our websites, we set the bar high. We aim at Awwward-winning websites, for web design that oozes from your screen or is, on the contrary, operating ever so elegantly. Whatever seamlessly fits your brand.

Once the design phase has been finished, the website’s development begins. Development is the translation of the design into code, so that everything can be read online in the web browser. In brief, it is the core of your website. For that purpose and according to the project, we collaborate with experienced partners. Solid foundations, solid house. That goes for websites as well.

After completion, you are capable of being your own web administrator by means of a user-friendly content management system. You aren’t tied to a service contract with us and don’t need to have your modifications implemented through us. All the same, we are always there in case help is needed.

Also, for other digital design, like landing pages or email templates, you have come to the right place. As long as we can digitally unburden you!

“A smooth collaboration of years. Always up to the most diverse challenges. Correct completion. Strong when it comes to visualisation. Completely immerse themselves into your project. Not afraid to share their vision with the client. Top team!”
- Bruno Saelens, Paul’s Boutique by Bruno & Elise


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