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M'adam Traiteur Don't feel like cooking but want to put something tasty and healthy on the table? Meet M'adam Traiteur. Céline, chef and inspirer of this catering business in Bruges, knocked on De Barbaren's door and ordered our three-course menu: branding, brand story and website. The result is a deliciously colourful brand identity, for an equally delicious concept.
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As a brand, you want your customers to understand who you are, what you stand for and convert quickly. That only happens when all the pillars of your identity work together. We kept the existing logo, while purifying the other elements of the corporate identity. We reinforced the visual side with a triggering brand story. Finally, we built a tailor-made website with a web shop, entirely in function of a smooth ordering process for the visitor.


The bright and colourful design reflects the enthusiasm of Céline and her team. The beautiful photos of the food immediately give you a clear idea of what to expect. Flicking through the website is guaranteed to make you hungry.

In addition, the website is incredibly user-friendly. In just one click, you open the web shop, where you can easily order your favourite dish.

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The existing brand style of M'adam Traiteur was refined with a striking coral colour, an extra font that provides more depth and some recognisable illustrations. In this way, we created the playful, dynamic vibe that Céline wants to bring out with her brand.

Gift voucher

Feel like surprising someone? Then a gift voucher is a good idea. Beautifully made with a terrazzo pattern, a pretty envelope and finally a sticker.

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Stunning dishes call for equally stellar photos. House photographer Sander captured M'adam Traiteur's complete range on film, accounting for more than 4 hours (!) of photography. The photos are the perfect preview of what to expect. Ideal for creating atmosphere on the website, social media or just to whet your appetite.

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Visuals for social media

Finally, we developed a whole set of customisable templates and visuals for the social media channels. This way, Céline can send updates about the menu, stories, posts ... and the brand remains consistent and therefore recognisable on every platform.

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