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De Barbaren is a creative branding and communication agency with a heart for entrepreneurship and storytelling. We love to discover stories and reinforce them, and for that we have a mosaic of expertise at our disposal. We unburden you and spot opportunities you may have missed. We are very much the opposite of our name.

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Your story is worth seeing

What is a brand? A brand is the result of an entrepreneur who has something to say, who wants to share something with the world, who wants to do a certain thing better than it has ever been before. It’s your story, and it can – or rather, should – be heard.

And be seen. A brand story needs creative branding, because only when visual and verbal collaborate, you will create a brand that conquers the right hearts. This results in communication with an impact. A high level of memorability. Positive partnerships. A target group who identifies with your story, sustainable entrepreneurship and more great stuff.

So, if those are your ambitions, you’ll need a partner who is as eager as you are. Professionals who won’t be stopped until the boundary has been pushed out a bit yet again. People who grasp your story. Realistic optimists like us.


De Barbaren don’t take themselves too seriously, their work on the other hand… We come from the most diverse fields of expertise, yet have the same unbeatable hands-on mentality in common. Teamwork is what makes us strong. And you also, as a client, are part of that team. Together with our driven network, we create the cross-pollination that makes your brand a memorable one.

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