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Sans Cravate There are those entrepreneurs where you immediately feel: they live for what they do. With Henk and Veronique of Michelin-starred restaurant Sans Cravate, B&B La Suite and Bar à Vins, we immediately had that feeling. The story they told is too good not to share. We brought their entrepreneurial story clearly to the public, with a website and brand identity that connect the three chapters.
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Henk and Veronique have been working in the hospitality industry for several decades. They are the inspirers of star restaurant Sans Cravate, B&B La Suite and Bar à Vins. Three top establishments, in the heart of Bruges. And they do it with all their hearts, the cooking and hosting. But that incredible love for the business remained in the background far too loudly until now. Customers couldn't find the right information on the website, there was no brand story that made the link between the three businesses clear and Henk and Veronique's personality was missing from the branding and derivatives such as photography. Time, then, to make those communications as star-worthy as Sans Cravate!

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Branding update

Apart from the logo, Henk and Veronique's businesses had no consistent branding. That made it very difficult to make their brands recognisable. Why is that so important? Recognisability = recall. There was also the need for a complete style change. The current visual style was too sleek, too ordinary. Henk and Veronique wanted to see much more of their own personality and enthusiasm reflected.

We purified the visual style with three new house style colours: green, yellow and rose. Light, cheerful colours that can be used interchangeably without any problems. Not slick, but bright and lively. In addition, the extra font creates depth. It creates more possibilities, and it catches your eye when needed.

Something that is very important on social media. You need scroll-stoppers like that if you want to bring in that top engagement rate. But we also visualised the rebranding in real life. For instance, we took care of the menus and the new stickers on the restaurant façade. Want to catch the eye? That can also be classy and sleek. Say no more.
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Branding was one thing. The photography also urgently needed dusting. Buro Bonito shifted the focus from sleek food photography, to the very present experience aspect. At Sans Cravate, you don't come for show kitchen. You come there to enjoy.

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Brand story

We already told you about that entrepreneurial story we were so impressed with. Well, that story was never written down before. During a relaxed interview session, it only became clear how bitten these two entrepreneurs are by gastronomy. But they are at least equally passionate about giving you a unique experience, letting you enjoy it to the fullest. At Sans Cravate, La Suite and Bar à Vins, that's where you come home. We tied up the loose ends of the three establishments into a brand story that makes it clear why you have to visit.

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Time for the highlight: the website. From Henk and Veronique's query, we knew that customers were not finding their way on the old website. So UX became an urgent action point here. Very instinctively, you find your way to the reservation tool. That soft conversion is important. You want your customers to feel by themselves that they shouldn't miss out on the experience.

And while the UX was paramount on the new website, that was not to be at the expense of the story. The tone once again emphasises enjoyment and hospitality, while the clear info answers customer questions. The home and about pages turn Sans Cravate, La Suite and Bar à Vins into a story, in which the three businesses are equally strong. Gastronomic pleasure? The experience already starts on the new website.

Need a taste (literally) of Henk's vast wine knowledge? Fine selections of unique wines are regularly on sale via the Sans Cravate webshop. Limited editions, compiled by the master himself.
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Social media & newsletters

You won't just spot that new style and photography on the sleek website. All three social media channels of Sans Cravate, Bar à Vins and La Suite now wear the same recognisable look. Thanks to dynamic visuals and cosy lifestyle photography, the channels really come to life. The on-trade outlets also have a loyal fan base, which we keep up-to-date with relevant newsletters. When it comes to content, Sans Cravate certainly does not leave you hungry.

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