Photo and video

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Photo and video

As humans, we are highly visual creatures. Photography of your business, the staff, your customers, the products and the atmosphere create trust. Through video, that effect is even stronger. Powerful images add to the brand experience and create the right expectations. Thanks to storytelling, people can more easily identify your brand. We create content you can use on social media, your website, ads…


Behind a powerful image there is a meticulous preparation. We think along about the concept and make sure that the entire production is okay. Think of: models and extras, styling, setting, studio, props, lighting… The devil is in the details, especially in photography.

We gladly help you with:

  • Portraits and team photos

  • Photography for websites

  • Social media content

  • Campaign images

  • Lifestyle photography


It all starts with the concept and the story we want to convey through images. We translate this onto a storyboard and accompanying script. Once we have set the visual story straight, we shift into production gear: actors/extras, preparing the location or studio, props, styling, directing (with the help of a production company, if necessary). In post-production we provide the right editing, colour grading and sound.

With these types of videos, we have plenty of experience:

  • Campaign video

  • Explainer video

  • Company overview video

  • Lifestyle-video

“We can only speak highly of De Barbaren. It is a small agency, yet with utterly motivated and enthusiastic staff members. They provided Max Mobiel with a perfect service and collaboration was pleasant, to say the least. They still carry out ad-hoc assignments for us and always with a great finish. I can only recommend them.”
— Max Vanhemel, Max Mobiel


Looks matter.
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