Interior design


Interior design

The interior of your restaurant, office or retail store plays a crucial role in the perception of your brand. Interior design goes far beyond aesthetics. How you decorate your business affects the perception and image of your brand, the experience of customers and your employees. Elements such as branding, color schemes and design choices are a visual translation of what your business stands for.

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Why is the interior of your business important to your brand?

Your interior is the first thing customers see when they enter your business. At a glance, they get an impression of your brand and corporate culture. A well-designed interior is therefore consistent with your brand identity, creates a pleasant and positive atmosphere and arouses your customers' curiosity. Thanks to fabrics, materials, colors, lighting and decoration, they are stimulated to step inside and stay longer. This pleasant experience leads to repeat visits, user-generated content on social media, positive reviews on Google and word-of-mouth advertising.

But an interior does not only have a favorable effect on your customers. A comfortable, functional and inspiring workspace is also pleasant for your employees.

In addition, a unique interior also sets you apart from your competitors. You quite literally show your target group how you are different. You show that you attach importance to the details. Look for example at the interior of Italian deli Cammalleri. A world of difference from the average supermarket, right?

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Interior design by De Barbaren, what does that look like?

The design of your interior starts with a conceptualization in line with your branding, functional needs and personal taste. What colors, materials, textures, decorative elements are needed to make your brand identity tangible? Do you need to change the structure and layout of the property? For example, do you want to provide an arch, built-in cabinets or extra toilet? Based on that input, we work out a mood board for look and feel and find the right partners for the realization.

Once the style is determined, we take measurements of the building. Are there any major works in the pipeline? Then we invite the professionals in question for a state of affairs. We have a large network of professionals on call.

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The creative process starts with sketches and mood boards, and ends with real life renders that give a clear picture of the layout of your property.

The renders meet your expectations? Then our search for materials and decoration begins. The paint, tiles, lighting, chairs and tables, cabinets and counters ... the whole interior design picture comes together here and is placed with care.

Finally, we carefully plan and monitor the works. We stay in touch with the suppliers, stylists and keep you informed of the progress.

“De Barbaren listened carefully to our expectations and the essence of our new concept. Communication was very smooth, the project was closely monitored and finished to perfection. We are happy with the result and definitely recommend this professional communication agency. Fantastic people with a passion for & above all knowledge of their craft!”
— Elise Es, Bar César


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