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Cammalleri Benvenuti! A greeting that echoes loudly in the latest business of Fabio Cammalleri and his wife Ineke. At their Italian deli Cammalleri they provide delicious focaccias and fresh pasta, we provided a rock-solid brand identity. With branding inspired by Sicilian folk art, an interior that perfectly complements it, and lots of printed matter, we welcome you to Cammalleri Pastificio!
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Brand design

Beautiful Sicily was the ideal source of inspiration during the design process. Colourful tiles adorn the streets, the sun makes the azure water sparkle and everywhere you spot the heirlooms of ancient legends. More than enough to work with, then!

Logo design

You know those typical, authentic facades of Italian restaurants and shops, lined with signs with vintage typography? We wanted to convey just that same vibe with the letter logo. We created a stylised, refined logo with characterful typography that looks luxurious. The wavy L is a playful element, referring to the wavy sea.

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Tile pattern and Moorish heads

Characteristic of Sicilian houses are the colourful tiles. Tile patterns are also a grateful element in the surf. They add colour, dynamism and variety. Perfect for the many packages and in the interior!

Besides the tiles, we also integrated two Moorish heads into Cammalleri's corporate identity. With this, we refer to an old legend about two lovers: he a Moor, she a Sicilian. In Sicily, you come across the Moorish heads as flower pots; we use them as illustrations in the branding.

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Interior design

Upon entering, you are immediately greeted by the ubiquitous branding. The yellow tiles on the fridge counter give a warm and bright feel, while the concrete floor and brick wall add a touch of industrial style. On the fridge, windows and façade, we applied accents like the tile pattern. The old photos, posters and clothesline on the wall add some Sicilian nostalgia.

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Printing of packaging

No half-measures for Cammalleri. The branding comes to life in a whole range of derivatives: pizza boxes and wine boxes, lunch boxes and greaseproof paper. Stickers, bags, gift vouchers, business cards, a pavement sign ...

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Social media management

Cammalleri is clearly striking a chord on social media. After a month, the number of Instagram followers rose from 0 to 700. We also see a huge amount of user-generated content. So many loyal fans!

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