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Manuus In 2019, entrepreneur Emiel called on our expertise for his renovation company's branding and website. Fast forward to 2023: Manuus is changing its positioning and needs a rebranding and website to match.
Manuus embleem

Rebranding for a professional image

Every company goes through an evolution over the years. It was no different for Manuus. In 2023, Emiel decided to change tack and position himself more as a renovation partner. There was also a shift in the target group. For Manuus, the ideal customer is the Bank van Breda customer: someone who wants to give their (second) home a dream renovation, has the means to do so and is happy to outsource the entire project to an expert.

Logo and typography under the microscope

The existing logo and typo looked too young, too playful. We developed a rebranding that respected the original style, but exuded more luxury and seriousness. So the logo evolved into a sleeker, more timeless version of the 'M'. The house style also received an additional serif font. The branding gains more professionalism thanks to the refined typography.

New colours

The use of colour also strengthens your positioning. The bright pink and green from the previous house style gave way to two softer, warmer variants and a chic whole bordeaux.


The website highlights the partner role

Carefree renovating does not exist. Partners who bear the worry together with you do. That message should be read in a clear but polite way on the website. Furthermore, we consistently opt for a more formal tone of voice, in line with the target group's expectations.


Finally, we translated the branding into an elegant, high-end web design. On the one hand, the website is an introduction to Manuus' promise as a partner and services. On the other hand, it also serves as an online portfolio where you can admire all the successful projects.


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