Name branding

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Name branding

Got a concept, but no name? We got you. De Barbaren come up with a name that covers your brand. One that sticks in the heads of your target group. One that clicks. And whose domain name is still available. A name has to fit you and your brand, which is why we do it thoroughly. We invent, you choose.

A great name for your brand

Coming up with an appropriate name for your company - name branding, that is - is not always obvious. You obviously want a name that shows what your company stands for. Your name is your signboard, how your target group will refer to you and how you will be remembered.

Coming up with that catchy name? Here's how we do it:

  • We start with a kick-off meeting and map out your core values and the character of your brand. If you haven't thought about that yet, we schedule a Brand Identity workshop first. We also sound out your preferences: English or Dutch? Long or short? Clear link to your product or service, or not?
  • Your input is the basis for the creative and strategic brainstorming. This brainstorm produces a long list of names that we check against various criteria. We check that there is no negative meaning behind the name, that the domain name and username are still available on social media, that there are no competitors with a similar name ...
  • The names that passed the check, we present to you with the necessary reasoning. Plenty of choice, anyway!

This way, we already came up with names for brands such as Akta, Skinical, flu:ent, Bronn, Ovius, Bobbie Bahama, Manuus, Bar César, Hofwerk, Ambiate ...

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Some more words: the baseline

Sometimes your name could use an extra word of explanation. That's when a baseline definitely comes in handy. Thanks to a baseline, it is quicker for the target audience to understand what you are offering them, but in a bite-sized, powerful way.

For example:

  • High school De Wingerd: Word wie je bent (Become who you are)

  • Restaurant Karel de Stoute: Waar foodlovers hun hart ophalen (Where foodlovers will have their fill)

  • Restaurant MOOD: Good food, good times

  • Manuus: Wonen op maat (Custom living)

  • Ghost kitchen The Hangry Club: Kitchen on demand

And then you're off. Ready for a compelling brand story!


“Top marketing agency from A to Z!”
— Andreas Block, OSKO


Need a brand name and a baseline?

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