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Bronn Take a moment to relax. At private wellness BRONN, you can do so without a care in the world. For the wellness's online and offline communication, entrepreneur couple Tommy and Evelien sat down with us. With a comprehensive project - name branding, copywriting, branding and website - we brought their carefully designed spa soothingly to the target group.
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Getting the target audience to warm up. That was essentially Tommy and Evelien's question. Using a workshop session, we immersed ourselves completely in the world of wellness. That way, we discovered the right assets to convince the target group to book a blissful moment of relaxation. Secondly, creating a total experience was as essential as essential oils. As a potential visitor, you need to experience the peace and tranquillity of the wellness from the very first contact moment. Even if you are not there yet.

Name branding

The first step in this overall project was name branding. When we come up with a name for a brand, we return to the core. During this name branding, we asked ourselves the question: what does a wellness do to you?

You immerse yourself in total tranquillity, taking time for yourself. And that's what you do at BRONN.

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Tommy and Evelien started from the power of pure, earthy materials for BRONN's interior. They curated everything with care, allowing the experience to seep through everywhere. And so do we, with branding that only enhances the luxurious, high-end experience.

The branding complements the thermal cycle you experience in the wellness. Brown tones in reference to the warmth of the sauna. In turn, the tiles of the outdoor spa can be found in the logo. Finally, the pattern provides texture, like the texture of a soft bathrobe. Feeling completely zen yet?

BRONN kaartje
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Website and web copy

To fully prepare the target audience to visit BRONN, we developed a fully customised website. The goal? Lead generation and conversion. Making sure people make reservations, in other words. The design is perfectly balanced, and you are directed step-by-step to the reservation form.

In the web copy, we focused on the health benefits of wellness. We also put that specific BRONN vibe into words. And all optimised for Google, of course.

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