Truncus - Invest successfully 2.0

20190606 Truncus Golf 26
Truncus - Invest successfully 2.0 Happy with the results of their last campaign, Truncus returned for a sequel to the ‘Successful investment’-video ad. Our new metaphor for the avoidance of structural capital loss, which is the secret to sustainable investment according to Truncus, doesn’t miss its mark. Discover Walter’s story, which we filmed with the help of Cnocspot, and the matching campaign image below. The concentration, the smell of freshly mowed grass, focus on the horizon and then … the perfect video!


IMG 0187
IMG 0189
Storyboard 1
Storyboard 3
Storyboard 4


Campaign Visual

Truncus Dibonds A2 v03

Behind the scenes

20190606 Truncus Golf 4
20190606 Truncus Golf 89
20190606 Truncus Golf 184
Truncus bts verticals
20190606 Truncus Golf 202

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