Graphic design and printing

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Graphic design and printing

Thanks to graphic design and printing in tune with your branding, your brand's visual communication rises to a new level. Although we don't just design. Requesting prices, comparing techniques and finishes, choosing the right material for the medium and following up your order: we do it all and we love doing it.

Graphic design

It starts with a new brand identity and ends... well, in a whole range of communication tools. When you apply your corporate identity consistently everywhere, you brand becomes recognisable. Our graphic designers - three masters of their trade - are your professional and creative right hand. Magazines, brochures, printed clothing, books, menus, business cards, posters and invitations... we design everything with pleasure and passion.



The right paper

Our love for high-quality printing is great, as is our cabinet full of paper samples. Running your printing on the right material not only enhances the design, it also feels better. Tactility is an important part of the creative process; the right paper takes the design to a new level. And take our word for it: not all types of paper are equal.

The right technique

Printing does not limit itself to paper alone. We help you determine the right medium according to the message:

  • Lettering of buildings and vehicles
  • Laser engraving in wood or other material
  • Banners and displays on weather-resistant material
  • Printing on merchandise such as tote bags, drink cans, stamps...
  • Neon or other lighting techniques
  • ...

Our strong network of partners and suppliers ensures flawless execution


“We are really fortunate to have chosen for the Barbaren as our preferred partner in design. Not only is every creation that tiny bit more than what you had expected, it’s as if Barbaren understand and feel exactly what you, as a client, wish for. A partner who is always there for you!”
— Ann De Muynck, Vision Company


Can we pull out all the papers, sorry, stops for you?

C’mon, let’s create a thing of beauty