Graphic design and print


Graphic design and print

Graphic design is our bread and butter. It’s our everything. Can we live it up developing your visual communication? Great! We go way further than merely designing. Asking for quotations, comparing printing techniques, picking the right type of paper for the medium and taking care of the follow-up of your order: we are more than happy to do that for you.

Graphic design

It all starts with branding and ends … Well, in an entire range of branding tools and branded stationery. We make your brand identifiable by consistently continuing your corporate identity throughout. Our graphic designers – three masters in their field – make sure you don’t have to worry at all about that. Business cards, brochures, apparel, menus, prospecting materials, invitations, folders … Really, name it and we’ve done it. Over here, we have also seen books and magazines pass by.

Print guidance

Once the designs have been approved, the production of print starts. We happily guide you through this technical process.

Our love for print is huge, just like our cabinet full of paper samples. Call us paper nerds, we take that as a compliment. Print we design will therefore not only look better, but also feel better. Tactility is as much part of the creative process as the design itself, because a fitting print takes your graphic design to the next level.

Print isn’t just limited to paper. From laser engraving to lettering of windows and vehicles, we have a high-performing and experienced network for it.

The right technique for the right message, that’s what we believe in. Subsequently, an entire network of high-quality printers makes your dreams roll off the presses.

“We are really fortunate to have chosen for the Barbaren as our preferred partner in design. Not only is every creation that tiny bit more than what you had expected, it’s as if Barbaren understand and feel exactly what you, as a client, wish for. A partner who is always there for you!”
— Ann De Muynck, Vision Company


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