Philippe Van Gele

127 cm x 87 cm 22 Geldingaladir22 framed black
Philippe Van Gele Studio Philippe van Gele is the studio of abstract artist Philippe van Gele. His paintings with intriguing titles transport you to distant, idyllic places. We, in turn, bring the paintings to you with a new and professional website, the online showcase of his studio.
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Abstract artist Philippe van Gele called on our team to create a representative and quality portfolio. Our answer: a custom-made website with classy branding, effectively promoting the artworks on the one hand and attracting new customers on the other.


The goal of the website: an online portfolio. The paintings should speak for themselves and be the centre of attention. To achieve this, we created an elegant but unadorned design that does not distract attention from the art. The balance between the neutral, calm look of the website and the vibrant, colourful artworks creates a harmonious overall experience. In this way, we want to inspire visitors and let them enjoy the beautiful artworks on display.

67 cm x 87 cm 22 Mittimatalik22 framed white

The story

Wondering where Philippe gets his inspiration from? Find out on the about page. There you will learn more about his artistic method and vision, then you will be at In the brand story he takes you on a journey through his creative process and tells you all about the experiences that form the basis for his inspiration. Sharing this gives you a unique insight into his artistic vision and allows you to discover the true meaning behind each painting.

User experience

The result is a responsive and well-structured website that is easy to navigate and offers an excellent user experience. Moreover, we have ensured optimised content and images so that the website loads quickly and performs well on any device.

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The lines in the logo symbolise the unique process by which each painting is created. Moreover, we chose to use neutral colours in the branding so that it remains complementary to each painting and does not compete with the colours and nuances found in our artworks. The result is timeless branding that perfectly represents studio Philippe many Gele and reflects the passion for art and beauty.


We extend the branding into the corporate identity assets. For example, every art lover receives a certificate of authenticity with his painting. Need inspiration for the next addition to your art collection? Browse through the coffee table book. And after your visit to one of the exhibitions, take home a sleek and elegant business card.


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