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Scheldeland By Schelde, Dender and Rupel. Welcome to Scheldeland, where old and familiar meet surprising and innovative in a new and authentic brand identity.
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Tone of voice

What if your target group does not recognise itself in your communication? A problem that Scheldeland experienced first-hand. But problems are there to be solved, and in this case, a comprehensive tone of voice document does the trick.

By using Scheldeland's core values and character traits as a starting point for the tone, the target group gets to see a clearly recognisable brand. A brand that conquers hearts and minds. The comprehensive tone of voice document is the basis and guide for all brand communications.


Scheldeland has it all: beautiful landscapes, ancient culture, modest peace, and quiet and relaxing activities. And water, lots of water. That indispensable aspect of the region is woven into the symbolism of the logo. The shape refers to the rippling movements of the water, the colour to the calming power of the region. In the middle of the logo, where the two halves of the S meet, we visualised the fusion of nature and culture.

What do you use and when do you use it? We conveniently summarised this in a ready-to-use toolkit with an accompanying house style manual. With different variations on the logo, a multi-purpose S-symbol, templates for social media and printed media and various graphic elements, its visual communication is recognisable everywhere.

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Holiday book and website

Relaxing at home and experiencing the peace and quiet of Scheldeland, that's what you do with the holiday book and the website. Together, these communication channels bundle the hidden pearls on the water, cultural must-sees and tell the stories of visitors. Fancy a trip?

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