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Marketing is the art of putting your product or service on the market. We call that art, for it certainly isn’t an exact science. How do you reach potential customers, which sales channel is ideal and what is the distinctiveness of your product or service? We perform a market research, create a communications plan and think of a matching creative concept. And you? You just do what you are good at. Marketing provides the assist, together we score. (So far for our football knowledge.)

What marketing mix do you choose?

In marketing, there are several options. Social media, content marketing, marketing through Google Ads ... No idea what you want to bet on? We are happy to explain the benefits of each type for you.


Among others, we do social media marketing for hospitality businesses Sans Cravate and Karel de Stoute. Wondering how we can make a difference for your business on socials? Contact us for an introductory conversation!


With newsletters, you create a strong connection with your loyal customers. You keep them up-to-date, stay top of mind and then prompt them to purchase, contact or book a reservation.

Why is a newsletter beneficial to your business?

  • You promote your new products, events or discounts in a non-sales-y way.
  • A newsletter costs you only a few cents per recipient to send.
  • Your newsletter is the perfect tool to connect your target audience with your other channels.
  • Thanks to segmentation, your recipients get tailored content, which convinces them of your product or service faster.

We take care of a well thought-out strategy, a sleek layout, activating copy that makes you buy, managing your contact list and sending your newsletters.

Meanwhile, we create newsletters for food & travel blog Spice&Ginger, Fast Forward Events, Sans Cravate, Bar César and JILLES Beer & Burgers, among others.


A blog is the perfect tool to share your expertise with your target audience. You offer answers to the questions they are facing and profile yourself as an expert.

What advantages does a blog bring?

  • If you demonstrate your expertise in blogs, you also exude more confidence and authority.
  • Thanks to blog posts, you can promote your product or services in a subtle way, without giving your target audience the feeling that you are selling.
  • Thanks to SEO, you control the findability of your blog posts and website on search engines. That SEO ensures that you also reach new audiences.

If you want to include blogs in your marketing strategy, we start by researching topics that are relevant to you and your target audience. Based on that, we write SEO-proof and smooth copy.

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Social media marketing

Social media are very powerful and cost-effective tools to market your brand. And although everyone has a presence on social media, it is a complicated trick to master the platforms as a business (Algorithms! Reels! Hashtags!). If you choose social media marketing, we'll create a strategy and content that makes your business succeed.

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Google Ads

How likely is it that you visited our website via Google? Yes, very likely. And how likely is it that you saw several ads at the top of the page? Also very likely.

Google has long been encouraging companies to increase their brand awareness and findability through paid ads in search results. Why?

  • You appear at the top of the results and thus have a strong first position.
  • You can bet on different goals: increase brand awareness, bet on a conversion, market your services ...
  • You decide how much money to spend and how long to run the ads.

Together with our network of Google Ads strategists, we determine the right approach. We've already done it for Truncus Wealth and Fast Forward.


For the promotion of Sans Cravate's New Year's Eve menu, we designed a newsletter completely in the new corporate identity.


Feel like scoring? We’ll gladly help you on your way!

Well, metaphorically scoring, that is.