Marketing is the art of putting your product or service on the market. We call that art, for it certainly isn’t an exact science. How do you reach potential customers, which sales channel is ideal and what is the distinctiveness of your product or service? We perform a market research, create a communications plan and think of a matching creative concept. And you? You just do what you are good at. Marketing provides the assist, together we score. (So far for our football knowledge.)

Let’s get started

During a kick-off meeting we look at what you need. Do you want to reach a new target group or enter a new market segment? Or maybe you want to optimize your current approach to maximize the result. Together we examine the opportunities that are there for the taking.

Afterwards, we do our own research: we create personas, explore the market and the friendly competitors, and look at the customer journey in search of the perfect moment to strike. That yields an enormous mountain of information. That mountain serves as the foundations for the creative work that follows, so whether it is important? Big time!

Then we develop a couple of powerful concepts to deliver the message. You choose the concept that appeals to you the most and, subsequently, we draw up the communications strategy and plan. Selecting the right means of communications for the message is vital. We can. We do.

We have what it takes to produce the campaign. While the campaign is running, we keep a close eye on it and adjust when necessary.

What we love doing most? Planting seeds with our campaigns of which you will reap the fruits for a long time. Sustainable marketing all the way!

“De Barbaren score and prove that they can market any project in plain language, with the right look & feel and hence anything but in barbaric language... Way to go, guys!”
— Ron De Meyer, Inhouse Vastgoed


Feel like scoring? We’ll gladly help you on your way!

Well, metaphorically scoring, that is.