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Anyone can write. But copywriting, that's not just writing. Copywriting is storytelling with language, just as photography is storytelling with images. With few words, the right words, you bring a convincing story. Want to strike the right chord with your target audience with copywriting? We are happy to provide your brand with language and text.

What is copywriting and why does your business need it?

The importance of good, professionally written text cannot be underestimated. With copywriting you persuade, emotionalize, activate your target audience so they take a specific action. The message consists of much more than just information about your product or service. Good copywriting comes about when you think in terms of benefits and added value for your target audience. When you put yourself in their needs.

De Barbaren create the copywriting of your brand::

  • We come up with a (new) name with name branding and also provide it with a baseline.
  • A brand story creates an emotional connection with your target audience.
  • Achieve professional and distinctive communication, and allow us to define your unique tone of voice.
  • Want to be found on Google? Achieve it with SEO web copywriting.
  • Inspire and inform your audience with blog posts on your website.
  • Encourage likes with activating captions on social media.
  • Share insiders, updates and news with loyal fans in newsletters.
  • Your target audience gets to know your brand with a brochure or flyer.
  • Get the details right: edit manuals, books, annual reports ...

Copywriting for websites: SEO in text written for your target audience

Copywriting for websites is a profession in itself. Your website needs copy written according to the rules of SEO - search engine optimization. An SEO text is created with keywords, title tags, call to actions and meta descriptions. SEO ensures that your website can be found on Google and other search engines. Indispensable.

SEO is one requirement for good web copywriting, but texts tailored to your target audience are at least as important. Before we dive into writing, we make sure to get to know your customers really well through extensive research. What information do they want to read on your website? With what words do we encourage them to buy, contact you, request a quote ...? What call to actions are needed to not only keep the visitor on your website, but to guide him to the desired action? How do we realize a text that reads pleasantly and smoothly on a screen?

The result is a website that meets the needs of Google and your target group.

Here's how we make your website

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Copywriting your brand story and tone of voice

The way you address your target audience, the words you use, the means of communication you use: together they form the tone of voice of your company. That verbal identity is a guideline for everyone in your company. It allows you to speak the same, recognizable language.

In addition, you position yourself more strongly and professionally in the market with a brand story. During a workshop we define your brand essentials: mission, vision, core values and your ideal customer. We translate this input into a brand story that triggers your target group emotionally and tells them how their lives will be more pleasant thanks to your brand.

Brand story and tone of voice

“Great help when starting up our restaurant. Together we outlined the overall picture. They guided us through story, business card, logo, website, SEO and so much more. Decent, creative and professional team.”
— Nicolas Gouwy, Mood


Say it with flowe…, erm, the right words.

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