OV visuals
Ovius Ovius, obviously! In 2021, entrepreneur Emiel, manager of Manuus, knocked on our door with a new interior design concept: high-quality and affordable designer kitchens. A creative project after our own hands, which we really enjoyed working on. You can discover the new name, branding and website here.

New brand, new name: name branding

The kitchen is the beating heart of your home. Light and warmth are the main ingredients there. In addition, the brand positions itself as more premium, high-end and targets people who love lifestyle and travel. With that mindset, we started the brainstorming for the new name.

Eventually, we landed on Ovius. The name is a derivative of Luxovius, the Celtic god of light and warmth. Finally, the name was given some extra power with the baseline "Ovius, obviously. After all, where else would you buy that new kitchen?

Vintage logo and brand guidelines

We drew inspiration for Ovius' branding from more premium, vintage styles. The color palette of dark blue and beige exudes classy, old-school vibes. Soft and warm, to convey the warmth of a kitchen as well.

Ovius kitchens create wonder time and time again. We convey that wonder in the logo with the larger O, which also stands alone as an element.

Custom website

On the website you will discover the different collections, read more about how Ovius builds your dream kitchen and get to know the team. The design reflects the same quality and class as you effortlessly navigate through the different kitchens. With seamless responsiveness, the website adapts to any device, allowing customers to enjoy hassle-free interaction on both desktop and mobile.



Finally, we also supervised the printing of the various derivatives. We developed business cards, a folder and notepad. Each one completely on-brand.


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