WON afbeeldingen
Wondering After over 40 years, Ghent design studio Wondering, formerly Bauilleul Design Bureau, has changed course! The scenographers chose a new name, branding, and website that are - unsurprisingly - as spectacular as the projects they generate. We gratefully contributed to this brilliant collaboration!

New name, new branding and website for Wondering

After 40 years of changing locations, buildings, and parks into sources of inspiration, the Bauilleul Design Bureau underwent its own change.
The agency is now known as Wondering, and with it comes a new rebranding and website.

Branding with boldness and self-confidence

What is the goal of this rebranding? To establish a total stylistic break. Our objective was to include the desire to explore, discover, and evolve into the visual identity. We chose a branding that exudes boldness, self-confidence, and curiosity.

Typographic logo and varied icon set

The highly typographic logo, as well as the multipurpose icons and keywords, form the heart of the new corporate identity. The scenographers constantly keep an open and free mind. The mirrored W in the strong block letter logo emphasizes that character trait, making it powerful enough to function as a separate house design element. The icons and keywords represent the various phases of each project, from study to experience.

Finally, we identify the disciplines using blue and green sub-colors.

WON visualwindow

House style guide

When will you use the frames? Or the question marks? How does the logo relate to the baseline?

The guide summarizes how to use the full company brand. The final product is a ready-to-use graphic toolbox.

Custom website

Wondering listens, questions, connects, and inspires on its new website. The branding's energy is seen in the numerous animations and stylistic elements used here. One example is the usage of frames to highlight specific text and images. We are referring to the empty areas that Wondering fills in.

As a visitor, you're naturally drawn to the projects. These are the substance of the website and should not be missed.

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