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Sanseveria Bagelsalon in Bruges Sanseveria Bagelsalon is a cosy and hip restaurant in the centre of Bruges. This is where you eat bagels on a laid-back morning! Deliciously filled bagels, surprisingly innovative. Served in a vintage living room where you enjoy a finger-licking breakfast, brunch or lunch. Food with quality, experience and the American dream feeling.
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Entrepreneur at heart, part-time world citizen and food lover at every turn: that's Bert from Barabas bed and breakfast in a nutshell. When he took on his next adventure, it was only logical that he combined these three qualities. The result: Sanseveria Bagelsalon. It’s the sesame seed that makes bagels so delicious, but the branding, photography and website design were made delicious by none other than yours truly.

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New York style bagels

New York style bagels

New York style bagels

New York style bagels

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Warning: do not look at these photos when hungry. Mouth-watering photography for sure.

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Branding & bagels

The purpose of the branding was immediately clear when we heard Bert's story: with a single glance, you had to experience that Sanseveria is bursting with enthusiasm and positive feelings. The combination of the fresh, cheerful colours and the elegant logo gives off strong retro vibes, and this atmosphere is also reflected in the interior. See for yourself.

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