Dun Huang

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Dun Huang Picture it: you’re walking around a local market somewhere in China, Japan, Thailand, or South Korea. You’re enjoying everything you see, smell, taste and discover ingredients and spices that you didn't know existed. Yuan and Raymond brought all those delicious flavours of Asia to Ghent with their shop Dun Huang. This is the story of a wonderful trip through the Far East, in the form of a new website and brand story.

Astonishing stories for a strong brand story

"Dunhuang, once this Chinese city was an important junction on the Silk Road that ran straight through Asia. It was a vibrant melting pot of cultures, people, and nationalities. Dun Huang in Ghent is just like that. The Asian shop is a junction between East and West. Between tastes, smells, colours and textures."

That bit of brand story is only part of the clean story Yuan and Raymond told us. Their desire to discover the world, passion for Asia and its cuisine and the hospitality they experienced time and time again during their travels come together in the brand story. We put ourselves in their shoes and wrote a brand story that immediately shows what Ray, Yuan and their brand stand for. The brand story is the thread, the basis for all future storytelling. And Yuan and Ray haven't finished telling it yet.

20220602 Dun Huang

The website: an adventure in itself

The website had to become a real voyage of discovery. You discover the shop and products and Yuan and Ray tell you more about Asia in the blogs. The design gives the vibes of an old book that draws you into the story. You can almost taste the shop and the continent.

Every website deserves just that little bit extra. Something subtle that does not compromise the design and the UX, but which makes Dun Huang stand out from other websites. Spotted it yet?

Logo fine-tuning and window lettering

We left the old logo intact as much as possible. Yet we gave it a subtle and more distinctive update, something you see for yourself when you visit the shop.

Are you already eager to visit the shop?
That's what we were going for.

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