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Ambiate Achieving growth by laying down the rules of the game yourself: Ambiate points you in the right direction. We stood at the cradle of the ambitious plans by entrepreneurs Joachim and Sofie. Name branding was the logical first step in this overall trajectory. The brand name Ambiate sprung therefrom as the absolute favourite. We then translated their firm ambitions into a complete branding. We also took care of the graphic development. With tons of enthusiasm, that goes without saying.
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Make it happen with Ambiate!

By means of this luxury ring binder, high performance coaches Joachim and Sofie lead people to their goals. We made this bespoke binder, filled with visual delicacies like textile upholstery, magnetic lid, custom rings and a tight foil printing.

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Luxury is in small things: the right finish, rich in colour, that extra touch… Translating Ambiate’s corporate identity into print was something that made us print freaks feel over the moon.

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